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Compile WebApp

General information

The WebApp works completly independent from the C/C++ firmware. When compiling the Firmware the pre-compiled WebApp will be embedded into the .bin file. The communication between the frontend and the ESP is just done using the Web API.

If you've changed some of the WebApp files you have to recompile the WebApp. There is also a dev server which hosts the frontend at your local computer and allows a easy development. It will forward all the requests to the backend automatically to your ESP. That means you can develop the webinterface without flashing the ESP (if the WebAPI stays the same).

Install prerequisits

You need to install NodeJS LTS to be able to work with the WebApp.

Building the WebApp

The WebApp will be build using yarn. FIrst of all you have to install all the dependencies. Afterwards the app will be build. Start a Terminal of your choice and enter the following commands:

cd webapp
yarn install
yarn build

The generated WebApp will be placed in the webapp_dist directory from where it gets included by PlatformIO.

Starting the Development Server

First of all, create a file called vite.user.ts in the webappp directory with the following content:

export const proxy_target = ''

Replace the IP with the IP of your ESP.

To start the development server execute the following commands:

yarn dev

Lint with ESLint

yarn lint