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Firmware Update


Once you have your OpenDTU running and connected to WLAN, you can do further updates through the web interface. Navigate to Settings --> Firmware upgrade and press the browse button. Select the firmware file from your local computer.

Firmware Upgrade

If you've installed a pre-compiled firmware in the past (a firmware file which contained opendtu-generic*.factory.bin in it's filename) you can choose the appropriate binary without the suffix .factory.

You can find your currently installed binary file in Info --> System --> PIO Environment

If you have compiled the firmware by yourself, you'll find the firmware file (after a successful build process) under .pio/build/generic/firmware.bin.

After the successful upload, the OpenDTU immediately restarts into the new firmware.

Important hint

Make sure you reload the web interface after the update. Otherwise you will not see new settings and features. Normally it should be sufficient to reload the page with F5 or by clicking on "Refresh". In some cases it may also be necessary to clear the browser cache. This can be done with the key combination Ctrl+F5, for example.

Serial Update

Using VSCode

If you've uploaded the firmware in the past using VSCode you can just follow the compiling guide to upload it again. All settings are preserved.

Using flash tool

If you are using a flash tool like, the web-flasher or the espressif upload tool, make sure you flash the .bin file without the .factory suffix to address 0x10000.