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Migrate 'generic' to 'generic_esp32'

Difference between opendtu-generic.bin and opendtu-generic_esp32.bin

The only difference between opendtu-generic.bin and opendtu-generic_esp32.bin is, that opendtu-generic.bin contains hard-coded pins for the nRF24 Module (and only for that module). The opendtu-generic_esp32.bin comes with no pre-configured pins and can be set-up by uploading a device profile.

Migration process

  • Make a backup of your configuration! (Settings --> Config Management --> Backup --> Select config.json --> Press Backup)
  • Download the latest opendtu-generic_esp32.bin file from here
  • Download this device profile. It contains the same pin assignments as the hard-coded ones in opendtu-generic.bin.
  • Upload the device profile. (Settings --> Config Management --> Restore --> Select Pin Mapping (pin_mapping.json) --> Select nodemcu_esp32.json --> Press Restore)
  • The ESP reboots but does nothing different at the moment.
  • Select the new uploaded device profile. This can already be done using the opendtu-generic.bin firmware. (Settings --> Device-Manager --> Selected profile --> Select NRF24 --> Press Save)
  • The ESP reboots and uses the pin assignment from the device profile. (Which makes no difference because they are equal to the old one)
  • Upload the new firmware (Settings --> Firmware Upgrade)
  • The ESP reboots
  • All done!