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Config Management


Config Management

Settings / Parameters

Backup: Configuration File Backup

Backup the configuration file

Select the configuration file which you want to download.


Press this button to download the previously selected config file. The format of this file is .json and can be opened with any text editor.

Restore: Restore the Configuration File

Target file selection

Select the file type which you are going to upload. The following values are possible:


There is no further check if the uploaded file is valid. Properly check your settings!

Source file selection

Select the source file on your computer which you like to upload to the ESP.


Press this button to upload the selected source file to the specified target file. Afterwards the ESP automatically reboots and reads the uploaded file.

Initialize: Perform Factory Reset

Restore Factory-Default Settings

This will delete the config.json file on the internal memory and therefor reset all settings to it's defaults. The pin_mapping.json file is preserved but the previously selected Device Profile is set to default values. After deleting all settings a automatic reboot is performed and the initial Access Point is opened again.