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Wi-Fi Setup

At startup, when no Wi-Fi setup is found, the device will create an initial Access Point for configuring the device.

  • After the initial flashing of the microcontroller, an Access Point called "OpenDTU-*" is opened. The default password is openDTU42.
  • Use a web browser to open the address
  • Navigate to Settings --> Network Settings and enter your WiFi credentials. The username to access the config menu is "admin" and the password the same as for accessing the Access Point (default: openDTU42).
  • OpenDTU then simultaneously connects to your WiFi AP with these credentials. Navigate to Info --> Network and look into section "Network Interface (Station)" for the IP address received via DHCP.
  • If your WiFi AP uses an allow-list for MAC-addresses, please be aware that the ESP32 has two different MAC addresses for its AP and client modes, they are also listed at Info --> Network.
  • When OpenDTU is connected to a configured WiFI AP, the "OpenDTU-*" Access Point is closed after 3 minutes.


  • OpenDTU needs access to a working NTP server to get the current date & time. Both are sent to the inverter with each request. Default NTP server is If your network has different requirements please change accordingly (Settings --> NTP Settings).
  • Add your inverter in the inverter settings (Settings --> Inverter Settings)