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Device-Manager Display

Device-Manager LEDs

Settings / Parameters

Connection Settings

Selected profile

The drop-down shows an overview of all Device Profiles available in your pin_mapping.json file. If you select one of the mappings and press Save the DTU will be restarted and the appropriate pins will be used.

Connection overview

The table shows all available pin configurations and how they are assigned currently (column "Active"). The column "Selected" shows the pin assignment according to the currently selected profile. If there are differences between "Active" and "Selected" the cells are highlighted. That means you can select different profiles (without clicking Save) and watch which pins will change.


This settings apply to a properbly connected display. See Device Profiles for display types and pin assignment.

Enable Power Save

Turns off the display if no inverter is producing.

Enable Screensaver

Move the display a little bit on each update to prevent burn-in. This is useful especially for OLED displays.

Diagram duration

The time period which is shown in the Diagram. If you like e.g. show the production of the last hour, set the value to 3600.

Display language

The language of the display text. (e.g. german "Heute" instead of english "Today")


This allows to rotate the display content based on your alignment.


The contrast setting is only supported by some displays and the impact is also display specific.


This settings apply to properbly connected LEDs1. See Device Profiles for LED function and pin assignment.

Equal brightness

When enabled, all sliders are set to the same value.

LED 0 brightness

Sets the brightness of the LED to a specific value. This is useful if the LED is too dazzling, for example.

LED 1 brightness

Please see LED 0 brightness.